Noel’s House Party On BBC Four! – The Aftermath

Some more please BBC Four?!

 If you’re not prepared to wallow in nostalgia and agree that last Saturday evening’s repeat of Noel’s House Party was a welcome diversion from the current output we’re served each weekend then this isn’t the blog for you!

Around 105,000 viewers tuned in for the first full repeat of NHP in over 23 years. A relatively insignificant number in the grand scheme of things however on the basis it wasn’t extensively advertised, it ispotentially a different story. Thanks to the power of social media and of course, the printed listings magazines, the word got out.

 The reaction on social media was telling. At one point, #NoelsHouseParty was trending at number two! Not bad for a thirty-year-old repeat. Twitter was awash with nostalgia.

There’s been a sizeable impact on too. Over 1,000 new visitors have logged onto the website and the number of Twitter followers has increased by 200 – all following Saturday night’s repeat! There really is an appetite for nostalgia and above all, people have come to realise the impact the show has had on them and also, it has given them the opportunity to share this with their families. Something the original show did too, bring the family together every Saturday night.

It appears that after three decades, Noel’s wish came true – our memories have been very kind.

One of the things many commentators noticed was the speed at which the programme moved along. There wasn’t a moment to rest – we went from one segment to another at a rip-roaring pace. There’s a reason the BBC selected an episode from series one. If you’re going to try and generate some positivity and also, test the audience to see if they would like some more, then go in with the very best and sit back.It’s still got it. You can’t fail to be entertained. It hasn’t really dated – largely due to the wondrous studio set designed by Robert Steer.

 At the time of writing, the classic Saturday night output is not scheduled to continue however we live in hope. Presumably if you can repeat one, (with no broadcast edits at all), you can find it relatively easy to repeat some more. There are so many cracking episodes to choose from. If you look at some of the very best Gotchas, you could name at least three or four editions from every series. Let’s start a campaign shall we? Some more please BBC Four…

One of the other principle “takeaways” from the repeat was the apparent influence that NHP has had on more recent Saturday night television series.

When the current masters of their craft Ant and Dec start referencing shows from yesteryear and make particular reference to Noel’s House Party, you know you’ve done well.

What did the superfans make of it? Well – a quick look at the NHP at 30 Twitter feed would suggest that amongst the diehards, it went down very well indeed. Let’s hope that some youngsters tuned in and anyone who missed it will watch it on BBC iPlayer. Having seen the show in a number of listings magazines, on the EPG and also, on the BBC website, the idea that you can watch Noel’s House Party on BBC iPlayer is incredibly surreal – a little bit like the listing that appeared in the Radio Times!

If you want a little bit more than just one fifty-minute repeat, a polite reminder that you can read all about the series, with in-depth analysis on every series along with a ratings guide – all available elsewhere on

There’s been so much positivity following the repeat. It would be such a shame to see this disappear after only one edition. It is difficult to define how it felt. One of the most recognisable theme tunes in light entertainment, along with an iconic title sequence is of course, easily remembered by the superfans but seeing it on the television – with a proper introduction from a continuity announcer is both surreal and super. Turn up the volume!

There’s little chance of a revival and as we have already suggested via these very pages, it’s unlikely. We do however, live in hope that those who work in the upper echelons of New Broadcasting House have read the positive tweets, received some grateful feedback and they decide to show some more.

Perhaps however, they could go one stage further. In September this year, it’ll be forty years since Noel started his Saturday night television career on BBC One. Could we suggest a Noel Edmonds night? Just a thought…

Brendan Bugg
8th August 2022